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The newly developed Jura ASCENT Post-OP knee brace has a fully adjustable Range of Motion (ROM) knee mechanism. Flexion & Extension settings of -10° to 110° in 10° increments.

In addition to the ROM settings the brace also has a locking system that can fix the joint at -10°, 0°, 10°, 20°, 30° and 40°. The ROM adjustment settings have a simple anti-tamper feature - plastic strap-ties can be fitted to prevent altering prescribed ROM settings. The length of the brace can be set between 45cm – 69cm by simply turning the lock adjustment and sliding the hinges to the desired length. Fully adjustable soft plush straps with simple push fit buckles, this allows the patient to remove and apply the brace easily after the initial fitting. Additional “Strap-Locs” can be attached to prevent the hinge moving on the strap system and altering the alignment of the brace. The Jura ASCENT hinges are lined with non-slip foam liners for excellent patient comfort and fit.